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The Outcome of the Previs Project (and Maybe Some Pictures)... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Devore   
Friday, 18 December 2009 16:49

The presentation was a success, with Mike, the head of Price Electronics (the previously unnamed Price division slated for a move), signing on to the notion, and Price CEO Gerry Price complimented my work. The previsualization helped sell the space, though the large manufacturing floor and large potential for expansion certainly helped. In addition to the office space renders, I was responsible for preparing a handout detailing the aforementioned expansion potential, and cleaning up a picture of the building's facade in photoshop to make it more presentable.

One thing that has amused me about this project was that the primary skills I drew on were developed working on seemingly meaningless personal projects. My grounding in 3d modeling developed due to years of dabbling with Lightwave, and my layout and interior design skills were developed drawing deckplans for spaceships (yes Virgina, spaceships...) Both of these activities were deemed a waste of time and effort, but hey, they've turned out to be useful.

Since I head back home next Wednesday, there was discussion on how this project will continue after next week. Options include Bob Green of Anvil taking over the whole project (the downside is that he's one of two 3d specialists at Anvil, so he's already very busy), bouncing it over to another department, or setting things up so that I can work remotely and continue to help with the project. I happen to like the third option because I've greatly enjoyed this project, it will give me something productive to do while I look for proper employment, and I really don't like leaving a project like this half-finished.

Images will follow when I get back to my personal computer and can upload them.

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Thoughts on Office Space Previsualizations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Devore   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 16:52

My major project here at Anvil has been designing and previsualizing new office space for a department fron Anvil's parent company, Price. I won't go into which department is getting the new digs as it's supposed to be a suprise. We present the plan to the department head tomorrow to see what he thinks.

This project was interesting, and involves desiging a fully-functional office in what is, at the moment, an empty building being used for storage (by empty, I mean nothing, no interior walls, no ceiling, a raw concrete floor, and exposed structural beams and posts). There were a couple of contraints put on the project: only part of the building is to be used by the moving department, the allocated space must have both office and manufacturing space, and the most limiting constraint, the large block in the middle of the space that houses the bathrooms for that section of the compound must stay where it is and be accessible from other parts of the building.

Our primary focus in the design and previsualization stage was the office area; the layout of the manufacturing spaces will largely be left up to the department, as they have a better idea of what will work for them than we do. The department in question has a relatively small staff, which helped keep the design from sprawling across most of the alloted space.

One thing that aided in the project was a library of pre-made office equipment left over from the rennovation of the Anvil offices a few years ago. This allowed us to dive right in to the placement of workstations, private offices, and other amenities within the space as soon as the exterior shell was complete.

As I mentioned before, we will be presenting the previsualization to the head of the department tomorrow morning, and take him on a tour of the actual space. In preparation for this, we've prepared printouts of a dozen renderings and plan view of the site (I'll see if I can get permission to post these here after the presentation).

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A New York Boy's Guide to Dressing for -20° Weather... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Devore   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 15:33

As promised last post, I'm going to discuss how I keep warm walking to work each morning. The secret, as anyone who's done winter sports can tell you, is layers. In -20° weather, you use lots of them. As an added constraint, I have to incorporate work-appropriate clothes into the ensemble.

As I'm from western New York, I'm not exactly new to winter weather. Temperatures back home get down into single digits (farenheit, which translates to between -12° and -17° celcius) around this time of year. This is still, however, quite a bit warmer than Winnepeg in mid-december, so my usual winter outfits weren't going to cut it. Before coming up here, I raided Eastern Mountain Sports to put together an outfit suitable for -30°.

To start, I have a set of thermal underwear that go on first over my usual undergarments. On particularly cold days, I'll add to this an undershirt and a thin pair of socks. Next, a pair of thicker thermal pants on bottom, and a dress shirt on top, an a thick pair of wool socks . Over that, my dress pants and a nice sweater, and my winter boots, which are well insulated and waterproof. I have two jackets, a smaller, lighter one which can act as a windbreaker on mild days, and a heavy down parka which can be worn over the other jacket. On colder mornings I'll wear both. The finishing touches to the ensemble are a pair of glove liners, a pair of gloves, and a balaklava. Dressed like this, the walk to work is actually rather pleasant as I get to take my time as I walk and watch people in lesser outfits scurrying to and from warmer areas.

When I get to work, I only have to remove the jackets, gloves and the balaklava and I'm ready to sit down at my computer and get to work.

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Anvil Digital Internship, Week 1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Devore   
Friday, 11 December 2009 15:08

I had been trying to keep up a nearly daily blog here in Winnepeg, but Joomla has apparently eaten my first few blog posts. I'll poke through my files to see if they've just been misplaced.

It's officialy the end of my first week at Anvil, and I've been bounced between several different projects, assisting their staff. My first proper assignment was developing a logo for a local medical supply company, which hearkens back to my undergraduate degree focusing on graphic design. I'm not involved in preparing the final presentation to the client, so I don't know which concepts were ultimately accepted.

 For my current project, I'm back doing 3d modeling work, albeit using MAX. I'm part of a two-man team tasked with making a previsualization for some new office space for one of Anvil's parent company's departments to move into. While what I come up with is unlikely to be the final design for the space, it's purpose is to get everyone involved in the move excited about the prospects of newly remodeled digs, and thus encourage the change to come faster.

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The Obligatory "We're Up and Running" Post... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Devore   
Saturday, 16 May 2009 00:00 is now officially live, and ready to act as my web presence for both personal portfolio display, and a place to direct prospective employers to view my work. The gallery pages featuring a more in-depth look at my projects will come online as I complete them.
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