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Written by Michael Devore   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 15:03

Final Composite

This project is a visualization of a hallway in a luxury yacht decorated in the style of mid-24th century "Holy ----, We're Stuck at the far End of the Galaxy." I wanted the material choices to be somewhat outside of the expected norm for such a luxury item, so I chose brushed or anodized metals, carbon fiber, and industrial flooring. To lend a 'high tech' air to the space, I've included colored light sections in the wall panels and white floor lights, in addition to the more conventional ceiling lights.

 The final image is a composite of several render passes, outlined below:

 Beauty Pass

This is the first pass, which combiens diffuse, specular, reflection, and shading. It's fairly close to what I want, but I'd like to see some ambient occlusion. To add this I need several other passes:

First, and ambient occlusion pass.

 Ambient Occlusion

Next, I need an RGB lighting pass and a shadow pass to suppress the ambient occlusion into areas where there isn't direct light shining into it.

RGB Light Pass

RGB Shadows

Next, I need to bring back the glowing effect on the lights on the ceiling, along the edge of the floor, and on the walls. I did this with a material matte pass for them:

Glow Matte

  Now, I want to color correct my image to produce the final composite. To give me more control, I made a material pass that allows me to split up the imae into multiple areas based on surface materials:

Material Matte

After some color adjustments, it's time to implement some depth of field. In preparation for this, I've made a Z-Depth pass:


All of this comes together to produce the final composite:

Final Composite

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